6 most luxurious hotel in Europe for VIP

You are not a princess or prince, is not a member of a royal family certain rights but you still want a break in a castle?

Europe is considered the base which owns several luxury real estate in the world from exclusive boutiques to large castle, or the hotel just for the rich and famous.

You are not a princess or prince, is not a member of a royal family that noble but still want to be a lie his release on the soft bed in a castle?

Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Hotels Conservatorium this luxury famous Vondelpark and Museumplein Square about 200m. It is housed in an old bank building 100 years, with contemporary design and cozy.

Gorgeous lobby, hallways are decorated with wood, brick and glass. Predominantly paint colors neutral colors, all the details are meticulous consideration from placing electrical outlet to bedside reading lights.

The highlight of the hotel is a large fitness center, modern, indoor pool and spa are located underground. This is a top choice for luxury travelers are willing to pay to stay downtown but still have quiet space to relax.

Hotels Abac, Barcelona (Spain)

The hotel has only 15 rooms and modern elegance. The rooms are decorated in color schemes of white and beige, installed lighting system with remote control curtains, and vivid sound system.

You should not miss the amazing spa services here with Turkish baths and a restaurant is rated as 5 stars.

Kempinksi Hotel Adlon, Berlin, Germany

Hotel Classic This elegant rich history, the Adlon Kempinski precursor is one of the most famous hotels in Europe during World War II. It once hosted famous guests such as Charlie Chaplin and Josephine Baker. 382 room hotel is currently attracting a lot of customers with the grade A luxury bedroom, bathroom with marble fully equipped including indoor pool, spa, fitness center and a lot of different restaurants.

Grand Hotel Villa Cora, Florence, Italy

Villa Cora was built in the late 1860s by Baron Oppenheim, a German financier and was renovated in 2010.

With a heated outdoor pool and spa unique underground, this unique hotel is great place to relax and visit.

Il Salviatino, Florence, Italy

This hotel in Florence but also differ greatly. Penthouses from the 15th century is located atop a hill just two miles north of the city.

With many luxurious rooms in the beautiful scenery, the hotel has great views of panoramic Florence and the Tuscan countryside. The wall paintings and antique furniture of the 19th century makes space becomes magnificent. Also, the skill of the chef Carmine Calò at the restaurant on site was appreciated.

D’Angleterre Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

Hotel d’Angleterre is one of the landmarks of Geneva. This is a familiar destination of diplomats and luxury traveler.

The hotel is located on the banks of Lake Geneva, near shopping, dining and public transport. It consists of 39 luxurious rooms and 9 are the normal room features remote control, iPod docking stations, smart TVs, free Wi-Fi and original artwork.

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